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The Obuv Rossii Group actively cooperates with scientific research institutes and higher education institutions in testing and developing new materials and inventions.

Key partner of the Group in this endeavour is Novosibirsk Technological Institute, one of the major industry research institutes in the eastern part of Russia. Development of outsole with anti-slip properties as well as wearability testing of outsole materials are among some of the most recent joint projects of Obuv Rossii and the Institute.

The Group organizes student trainings at the Obuv Rossii commercial department and factories. Managers of key Obuv Rossii business areas are alumni of the NTI. Furthermore, Obuv Rossii is a major partner of the annual Young Designer Competition organized by the Institute. An annual research-to-practice conference in which students, masters and teachers of NTI participate takes place at the Obuv Rossii headquarters.


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