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A concise HR mission statement conveys the essence of OR GROUP: «Attract, develop and retain the best managers and specialists to achieve the key strategic aim of the Company — to develop modern selling platform and to become one of the market leaders in the sphere of introducing and providing cutting edge services».

As a result, personnel management in OR GROUP is not just about finding  solutions to operational problems but also about the development of an integral independent comprehensive system contributing to the achievement of long-term Company goals and tasks.

As OR GROUP is actively developing, updating the assortment and has stores of different formats, the main emphasis of personnel strategy is on creating an efficient method of personnel selection, quick adaptation, standardization of procedures, and corporate communications. New vacancies are created each month and new unique subdivisions appear as the Company structure is being improved.


Adaptation programme

OR GROUP HR department introduced a new programme of employee adaptation. The main goal of the programme is to shorten the process of professional and social adaptation of new employees in the Company. An individual adaptation plan is created for each new employee taking into account his/her professional level, tasks and functions of the position he/she occupies.

The adaptation programme includes:

  1. a theoretical part

    — introduction to the Company history, traditions, standards, in-house communications; forming an understanding of the employee`s role in the Company;
  2. practical training

    with experienced specialists, where obtained theoretical knowledge is used in real working situations.

So far, the adaptation programme has been implemented in the head office and all separate subdivisions of the Company. Experience has shown that it certainly helps to get new employees up to speed quicker. The program’s success means that it will be further developed and built upon in the future.

Personnel training system

Development of a system of regular training, assessment and routine monitoring of personnel work quality and innovative environment is an important task of OR GROUP HR department.

The optimal combination of different formats and forms (online and offline) and mentoring ensure the professional development of employees at all levels.

In December 2009, a Training Centre was launched within the Company with the purpose of enhancing personnel work and corporate culture development. The Training Centre has systematized the experience accumulated in each of the regions where the Company operates, and has as a result created a number of different training programs for retail specialists, and standards of customer service. What is more, the Training Centre has developed the «Mystery Shopper» technique and implemented the «Best Store» and «Best Teacher» reward systems. The various activities and training programs of the Centre are regularly reviewed and improved.

The Company pays close attention to the professional development of mid-level and top managers as well as regional team managers. Top managers, heads of departments and lines are encouraged to enrol into an MBA programme at the Business School of the Open University of Great Britain. Special training programs are created for directors of separate subdivisions in the regions, and regular online trainings take place.

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