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Peshekhod is a retail chain of multibrand shoe outlets offering a wide range of shoe types for various customer needs. Stores are located across a number of large cities in Siberia and the Urals.

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These are multibrand shoe outlets that offer a wide assortment of shoes for different categories of customers.

The stores present about 2,000 models of women's, men's and children's shoes for all seasons and directions. The assortment of the Peshekhod chain includes the leftover stocks of other mono-brand retail chains of the Group as well as footwear under the Peshekhod brand.

As of 11.06.2021

On the market
since 2006

2000 models
of women's, men's and children`s shoes



The Peshekhod target audience is 20-60 year old people, who pursue an active lifestyle and want to look fashionable and bright. The chain assortment includes not only stylish, fashionable shoes, but also classic models for everyday use.

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