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OR GROUP (former Obuv Rossii) is a modern selling platform that comprises marketplace, services ecosystem and the chain of sales and service points under the Westfalika brand.


In November 2017, OR GROUP raised RUB 5.9 bln during an IPO on the Moscow Exchange (ORUP ticker); the issuer is ORG PJSC.

OR GROUP was founded in 2003, it is headquartered in Novosibirsk with a representative office in Moscow. 

OR GROUP today:

As of 31.12.2021

759 stores
throughout Russia

RUB 8.7 bln revenue in 2021

More than 3.2 million
products were sold through the marketplace in 2021


Business areas

Westfalika selling platform: chain of service and sales points and online platform.

Logistics infrastructure development.

Services ecosystem.

Footwear and accessories manufacturing.


Westfalika selling platform: chain of service and sales points and online platform

OR GROUP develops the Westfalika selling platform, which includes a chain of service and sales points throughout Russia and an online platform of the same name. The company sells both products under its own trademarks (private labels) and partners' products (marketplace) through its own online and offline sales channels.

Universal store format

In 2020-2021, the company transformed the fashion store into the outlet with a universal variety of stock, which positively affects the conversion rate and the number of items in the receipt. The Group significantly expanded the variety of stock due to the transition to the marketplace model in cooperation with suppliers. To interact with its partners, OR GROUP launched the Prodayom online platform (www.продаем.рф) at the end of 2019, where it is possible to track all the goods and manage balances online.


In 2021, the company achieved significant results on this project: by the end of the year, it cooperated with 1000 partners and sold 3.2 million partner products. Household goods were the leaders in the growth rate, 80% of their sales accounted for dishes, textiles and small household appliances. Textiles is the highest-margin product category.

Since 2020, OR GROUP has been rotating the variety of stock including fashion collections in stores more frequently. Now the company forms a stock matrix for each month, which allows monitoring seasonal fluctuations, short-term spikes in demand for certain products and, as a result, increase sales.


Online sales and mobile application

In 2021, the company achieved significant results in the online direction: the share of online sales in the revenue of the Westfalika selling platform reached 20.9% (in 2020 it was 18.3%). The Group successfully completed the Black Friday promotion: online sales grew by 44% in volume terms and 30% in monetary terms year-on-year due to a significant expansion of the range and more effective promotion. The development of additional product categories allows the company to mitigate the seasonality impact of the fashion segment and maintain high demand for the assortment during the traditional seasonal decline in footwear and apparel sales. So, during the New Year holidays of 2022, the company's online revenue grew by a third.


The number of orders through the Westfalika mobile application is growing: in 10 months of 2021, it increased 3 times, and their share reached 11% of the total number of orders on the marketplace. At the same time, there was also a two-fold increase in app installs. 

In 2021, OR GROUP introduced new schemes for cooperating with third-party marketplaces and started to cooperate with Wildberries, OZON and SberMegaMarket using the FBS system (fulfilment by seller - shipment of goods from the seller's warehouses). At these platform, the company mainly presents apparel, footwear and accessories under its own brands. This allows the Group to expand its sales geography and attract new customers.


Logistic infrastructure development

Since the end of 2018, the company has been implementing the strategy of integrating into the logistic infrastructure of the Russian e-commerce market. As part of this strategy, the Group is working on a project to open partner pick-up points and parcel terminals based on stores. At the moment, the company's stores are becoming full-fledged logistic units in the structure of the Russian online retail market.


At the end of 2021, OR GROUP cooperated with 14 partners, including major logistic operators such as PickPoint, DPD, Russian Post, SberLogistika and others. In 2021, the company doubled the volume of partner online orders issued to 2.67 million parcels; the number of pick-up points increased by 56% to 3,597, due to the expansion of the pool of partners and cooperation with such large companies as AliExpress, Yandex.Market, OZON, SberLogistika, and the start of cooperation in placing parcel terminals on the basis of stores.

фото с постаматом.JPG

The pick-up points project attracts additional traffic to stores. Thus, the share of customers who come for parcels rose to almost 30% in December 2021, which is also explained by the pre-holiday surge in online orders. In addition, the project contributes to the company's revenue. Thus, fee income in 2021 increased by 93% to RUB 125 mln. Assessing the prospects of this direction, in autumn OR GROUP decided to set up a subsidiary as part of the Group — O2 LLC — to develop last mile services.

Services ecosystem

The structure of OR GROUP includes Arifmetika MCC LLC, which specializes in issuing cash loans to the Group's clients. The Company's microfinance direction is showing steady growth; demand for financial products is increasing, new tools and technologies are emerging.

In 2021, OR GROUP pushed the microfinance direction to a new stage of development. In order to accelerate the company's growth in the promising financial services market, the Group is considering both variants for Arifmetika: to go public through a SPAC IPO deal, and to use other mechanisms to attract investors to the microfinance business.

In 2021, the company launched DaemDengi (Eng. GiveMoney) platform for issuing online loans, which includes a website and a mobile application. The share of remote issuance is growing, in December 2021 it reached 14%. In January 2022, Arifmetika began to develop its own BNPL service (Buy Now Pay Later) under separate brand «Deli na chasti». Arifmetika MCC will connect partners from retail chains and online stores to the service. The company plans that in the medium term targeted loans will take about 35-40% of the portfolio.

Footwear and accessories manufacturing

OR GROUP includes OBUV ROSSII LLC, which manages the manufacturing of shoes and accessories. Today, the company's production line is represented by two production sites in the Novosibirsk region. OBUV ROSSII manufactures shoes with all the main sole attachment types — gluing, injection moulding and combined attachment. Manufacturing is fully automated, the modern equipment of the leading world manufacturers, such as Desma, Newlast, Orisol and others is used at the enterprises of OBUV ROSSII. The company manufactures shoes under its brands S-TEP, all.go, Pioneer of Arctic Travel and both sells them through its retail networks and cooperates with wholesale customers, moreover, it cooperates with the corporate sector for the production and supply of special shoes.


To ensure business growth, OR GROUP uses various financial instruments, such as: traditional lending, a bond program and equity capital. Currently, eight issues of the company's bonds for 4.75 billion rubles are being traded on the Moscow Exchange.

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