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HR-mission of Obuv Rossii concisely and deeply reflects the essence of the Company’s business: «Attract, train and retain the best managers and specialists for implementation of strategic plans of the Company — to become a leader of the Russian footwear market».

As the result, the HR function in the Obuv Rossii Company is transferred to a brand new quality level — from solving operational challenges to building an integral independent organized system, contributing to the achievement of the long-term goals and solving of the key business tasks.

As the Company actively grows and increases its share on the market, the priority emphasis is placed as part of the staffing strategy on the creation of fast and effective methods of personnel attracting and recruitment, its rapid onboarding, standardizing of the procedures of working with people, and the development of corporate communications. New jobs are created in the Company every month, new unique divisions appear, the organizational structure is being improved.


The personnel management service introduced an on-boarding project. The main aim of the project is to shorten the period of professional and social adaptation of new employees in the Company. On-boarding programs are developed individually for each employee taking into account his/her professional level, tasks and functions of the respective position.

The programs include:

  1. theory — acquaintance with the history of the Company, its traditions, norms, peculiarities of inter-corporate interaction; formation of understanding of the employee’s role in the Company;
  2. practical classes with experienced specialists, when the obtained knowledge is applied in real working situations.
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At present, the on-boarding program is used in the head office and all separate subdivisions of the Company. Practice shows that the program truly helps people quicker get in game.

Based on the obtained results and the accumulated experience, HR service of the Company will continue to develop and improve the project by regulating the process, using new multimedia instruments and printed matters.

Personnel training program

An important task for the HR department is the creation of a multy-stage system for regular training, regular monitoring of personnel’s quality of work, and creation of innovation environment.

There is a Training Centre in the Company, the main aim of which is to enhance efficiecy of operation of the personnel and corporate culture development. For the moment, the Training Centre systemized experience of regions, some programs for basic training of specialists in retail have been developed, some standards for customer servicing have been introduced, the «Secret Shopper» technique has been created, motivating programs «Best Store», «Best Instructor», etc. have been implemented. Training programs and projects to work with retail personnel are regularly improved.

The Company pays much attention to professional development of medium-level and top managers, as well as managers of regional teams. Top managers, heads of departments and lines study in the Business School of the Open University of Great Britain under MBA programs. Special training programs were developed for directors of separate subdivisions in regions; regular training is held in the webex format.

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Corporate culture

As Obuv Rossii has a branched regional structure, the question of establishing communication and forming a team is of importance. Annual meetings of regional directors in the head office have become a tradition. The program of such meetings is varied including work, study, sharing experience and team building.

Regional subdivisions organize also meetings to have a rest and strengthen the team spirit.

Employees of the Company take an active participation in sports of the Novosibirsk city and country. In 2012, a team of 200 sportsmen formed of Obuv Rossii employees took part in the International corporate games that were held for the first time in the city of Novosibirs. The team occupied the first place in its group. Since 2013, the corporate team of Obuv Rossii has annually participated in the 3,600 meters running race in the Siberian Running Festival.

Main strategic tasks in the area of personnel management for the next few years:

  1. to form and preserve efficient teams in regions to realize aims and goals of the Company;
  2. to create a system of management, development and assessment of personal based on competencies;
  3. to develop quality programs for development that will be based on the results of assessment and will take into account the individual level of every employee;
  4. to create unique programs of corporate culture development, to develop a system for iternal communication based on up-to-date models and techniques.

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