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Being one of the leaders in its segment, OR GROUP knows that success depends mainly on the professionalism of the staff. Systematic training of the personnel is a testimony to sustainably developing big organisation. High qualification and regular training allow OR GROUP employees: 

  • to be ready to career advancement which is characteristic to actively developing retail and online shopping;

  • to be open to changes that typically happen in the present-day world;

  • to be efficient because the requirements of the labour market to employee’s efficiency have become stricter than before.  

The Company is convinced that employee training is one of the essential components of non-financial motivation. Efforts of the OR GROUP’s training centre in the development of training courses and programs, as well as their regular update, reap big reward: there is a high percentage of employees in OR GROUP that have worked in the Company for over five years.

Methods and forms of training used in the personnel development process are varied. The Company regularly adds new ones while improving those actively used. The aims in the training process can be divided into several groups:

For new employees

Acquaintance with the Company using an introductory program which starts with a welcome training.

Preparation for work using standards of service, clear instructions and brief recommendations.

The vocational adjustment process is developed individually for each employee with the consideration of his/her level of proficiency, tasks, functions and job description.  

For permanent staff

New opportunities for personal and material growth: training programs that explain specific features of working with clients, extend knowledge of products sold in the chain stores. A regular effort is made to enhance servicing quality.

Preparation to promotion: 90% of our medium-level and top managers «have grown» from the front line staff. They are reliable, experienced employees that had successful training under the Employee Pool project.

Maintaining interest to work — that is one of the most complicated and significant stages in the cooperation with employees that have been working in the Company for several years. Everyone has some periods when the work can become tedious, make you wearied. That is why this line in HR becomes more and more topical: specialists of the training department have to develop plans of individual employee development, take this employee to a new volution of further growth, and maintain interest to the Company, products and services. 

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Personnel Training System

The main aim in the activity connected with personnel training is to ensure business task solution. The success of every employee and of the Company in general depends on how efficient the training materials, methods of organising events, and the tests developed for knowledge assessment.

Resulted from the market demand for continuous training, the online format has become the main method of studying new material. OR GROUP actively uses the existing online platforms to place training content and teach its employees. Most of the information is studied in the «free» mode: the employee studies the materials when it is convenient to him or her and in small portions. Such micro training has proved to be the most efficient in a situation when people have to study and work simultaneously.

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Training in the Company is done «live»: there are seminars where people can always ask questions, express their opinion. Some workgroups are created to train skills or analyse current situations.

It is important for the Company to make the training process convenient for each employee. All developments are assessed using various characteristics:

  • From the point of view of time planning: there is a period when it is necessary to study the programs; the employee chooses himself/herself when to do it;

  • space arrangement: one can study at home, on the phone or at a computer;

  • motivation component: game techniques that are widely used in training;

  • transparent control and knowledge assessment as one of the most significant aspects allowing training not via compulsion but through personnel involvement.

Based on the accumulated experience, by collecting and analysing the feedback from employees and by trying new things, the Company makes personnel training easier, more accessible and more interesting every year. 

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