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OR GROUP regularly participates in major business and trade forums organized on a regional and nationwide scale.

Not only top managers, but also line managers and other specialists of the Company take part in such events as speakers. In addition, top managers of OR GROUP are authors of numerous articles devoted to the shoe market, development trends, new technologies in shoe retail for mass media and information portals such as,,, etc. Their contribution helps to raise awareness among the business community, investors and journalists about the shoe market — a segment which is yet to be uncovered by the mainstream media.

Since 2014 OR GROUP has been the organizer and co-organizer of big business events in the Siberian region. The main aim is to arrange special area for experience exchange, getting information about new trends, technologies and instruments in retail and e-commerce. In November in Novosibirsk Siberian forum «Future Retail» takes place, it is organized by OR GROUP and Kommersant.Sibir Publishing House. In May the leading experts in e-commerce and online-marketing gather in Novosibirsk taking part in Siberian e-commerce conference ESIB

In 2020 and 2021, OR GROUP, due to lockdown, has been arranging events in online format. In May and November, 2020 traditional e-commerce, retail and internet marketing forums took place. In March 2021, the Company for the first time organized the online-conference on new digital technologies in HR — BaHRoMA.

Since August 2014, OR GROUP has been the member of Self-Regulatory Organization Non-Profit Partnership «Microfinance and Development» (SRO «MiR»). SRO «MiR» is the organization established by the leaders of the Russian microfinance market. Among the key activity areas are the formation of civilized microfinance market in Russia and contribution to industry infrastructure development.

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