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Opportunities with OR GROUP


It means not only material characteristics but also full development of our employees: career, professional and personal. The Company allows everyone to choose something to his or her liking. 


  • to feel confident at the beginning of the career, 

  • to maintain the high skills level when becoming an established professional, 

  • to see a path for further development as an ambassador of the Westfalika brand — all that is possible with regular and systematic training.


Everything we offer our clients is intended to improve the quality of their lives. That is why our products and services are interesting and easy to sell. 

State-of-the-art Technologies

To develop marketable competences, to master new operation methods and techniques, to participate in the development of new lines, to use the online medium as an instrument to enhance own efficiency — this is just a small part of the resources provided by the Company to its employees.


We know precisely that the result can be obtained only when there are common goals, clear aims and mutual support. All communications within the Company are regularly analysed and improved.

Having chosen OR GROUP as your place of work, you can always be sure that there are new projects for you here, interesting people and events, and modern approach to task solution.

We welcome your initiative, your wish to be among the best ones, and intended and progressive advance, as our employees grow and develop together with us. 

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