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Westfalika is the main retail chain operated by OR GROUP and one of the most famous brands on the Russian shoe market. 

475A0026.JPG Westfalika is one of the most famous Russian fashion brands that has been operating on the market for over 25 years. The first Westfalika stores appeared in 1993 in Novosibirsk. Today the chain is represented by 540+ stores in more than 270 Russian cities. Westfalika started out as a chain of shoe stores. Over the years, retail have been developing, the corporate identity has changed, the assortment has improved, high-tech services have appeared. This is how a new store format was formed, which meets the requirements and expectations of a modern buyer.


Today Westfalika are department stores that offer a wide range of products. As before, a significant share is accounted by fashion products - footwear, clothing, bags and accessories. At the same time, since the end of 2019 new categories have been rapidly developing, such as household goods, toys, cosmetics. In Westfalika stores goods of well-known brands such as Westfalika, Polaris, Vitek, Moulin Villa, Concept Club, Acoola, Art-Visage, World of Wooden Toys, DILIS PARFUM, Esprado (more than 500 brands in total) can be bought. The range of products is constantly expanding due to the connection of new suppliers.

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Westfalika is also a multifunctional service center where еthe customer can get a range of modern services, such as purchasing goods by installments and getting cash loans. In addition, Westfalika stores work as online pick-up points: the customers can pick up the package at any convenient time on the way home or to work.


In October 2020, a new version of Westfalika mobile application was released. Westfalika application is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems and includes the basic functionality of an online store - assortment of goods with filters, the ability to place an order and track delivery. In addition, InstaShop is available to customers: the ability to order goods presented in the Westfalika Instagram account through a mobile application. In addition to versions for smartphones, versions of the application for iPad and Android tablets have been released with an interface adapted for large screen diagonals.

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In December 2020, OR GROUP launched an updated version of website, which now operates in the format of an online marketplace. The company has improved the functionality of the site: the catalog has been significantly modified, which is now scalable and has unlimited expansion possibilities.



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