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Our Company’s mission is to progress, make people’s life more comfortable and help them deal with everyday needs offering a wide range of goods, developing convenient services and purchase formats and creating unforgettable customer experience.

OR GROUP’s definition of excellence includes

  1. Competency development

    and professional growth of our employees and management team, permanent searching and introduction of new solutions.
  2. Increase in company and brand value in the long term,

    fortifying positions in the market, multiplying resources as well as increasing the efficiency of their use.
  3. Employee loyalty,

    staff’s personal values and company’s values and goals coincide as atmosphere of trust and satisfaction from achievements prevails.

We encourage the development of the Russian retail market by continuously improving the quality of our goods and services. By introducing advanced technologies and methods in management, OR GROUP contributes to the development of innovative approaches in the country.

Guiding principles of OR GROUP

  1. Business management and excellence

    There is always a choice. We follow our principles — not short-term objectives.
  2. Transparency and honesty

    Values of transparency and honesty guide us in all of our business processes and new ventures.
  3. Team work

    A leader is someone who can work in a team. One person cannot achieve what a whole team can.

Our vision

  1. Platform

    We create a modern platform using advanced technologies, which unites suppliers, manufacturers, sellers, and buyers, with a wide range of goods and services using different sales channels (online, offline, mobile). We are becoming a trading, communication, service platform. We share unique sales technologies with our partners, offer them infrastructure and services (including digital ones) to help them promote their business; our customers get products and services that are available in any outlet at any time when it suits them, using the communication and sales channel that is preferable for them at a particular moment.
  2. Ecosystem

    We create an ecosystem in which all participants — buyers, sellers, manufacturers, service providers, etc. — have the opportunity to develop, succeed, and achieve their goals. Developing the business and implementing innovations, first of all, we follow the needs of our customers, which are our main driver. We are constantly looking for advanced solutions, develop and implement innovative projects for the market, which contributes to the development of the market and the prosperity of all its participants.
  3. Integrator

    We are becoming an integrator for different market players (online retailers, logistics operators, service companies, brands, etc.), offering our infrastructure (retail network, logistics, IT platform, sales technology, customer base, online marketplace, etc.), which allows us to open new growth points for businesses, increase the audience of customers and buyers, the sales geography and, as a result, increase revenue and profits of all interested parties.

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