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Retail sale of footwear and related products

Obuv Rossii is one of the largest fashion retailers in Russia. The company develops several retail formats and brands, offering a wide range of shoes as well as related products and everyday goods.

Prodayom platform and a new store format  

Since the end of 2019 Obuv Rossii has been developing a new business model: the company started to work with suppliers using marketplace model. To cooperate with partners the Group launched Prodayom online platform (www.продаем.рф). Due to these changes, the Company will considerably expand the range of goods — more than two times. For three months of platform operation Obuv Rossii concluded the contracts with more than 300 new suppliers from such product categories as home goods, decorative cosmetics, children’s goods, small household appliances, etc. The platform turnover for the first quarter 2020 exceeded RUB 1 bln.

At present Company’s stores are omnichannel marketplaces (integrating several lines within one concept). They are multicategory, general stores which offer a wide range of goods. Such approach enables the Company to increase revenue on the base of existing selling space, raise the conversion rate as well as mitigate the seasonality characterizing fashion business. Moreover, Obuv Rossii expands market capacity and heightens the frequency of purchases from one client. A consumer buys footwear two times per annum on average, however he has other needs either. Each time the consumer visits Company’s stores, they offer him something new, so that increase probability of one more purchase.


The Obuv Rossii manages five retail chains, and also develops several brands in the shop-in-shop format:

Retail sale:

The Westfalika chain is the main brand of the Group, monobrand stores in the mid-price segment offer shoes of classical design, a wide range of apparel, bags, accessories and other related products. The Westfalika chain consists of 561 stores (including franchising ones) located in 280 Russian cities (as of 30.09.2020).

The Peshekhod chain specialises in men’s, women’s and children’s footwear. More than 2,000 new items are launched each season, the range includes the stocks of other mono-brand chains of the Group and footwear and accessories under the Peshekhod brand. As of 30.09.2020 the chain had 47 stores with average size of 220 sq. m.

Emilia Estra. It a shoes boutique offering stylish and ultramodern shoes and accessories. A combination of brightness, elegance and originality makes Emilia Estra footwear perfect for 25-30 year-old women. As of 30.09.2020  there were 8 Emilia Estra stores.

Rossita. These are multibrand stores for all family members, including shoes of various styles under the brand with the same name and shoes with other European trademarks, a wide range of apparel, bags, accessories and other related products. As of 30.09.2020 the Rossita chain operated 31 stores.

Lisette. These are monobrand shoe stores with the French line in shoe design; they are intended for young people.The Lisette chain comprised 117 stores (including franchising ones) as of 30.09.2020.

Brands in the shop-in-shop format

all.go is a casual brand offering beach, summer and garden shoes, as well as sport and walking shoes made of the superlight EVA material. The all.go range is partially produced at the Obuv Rossii factory in the Novosibirsk region.

S-TEP is a casual brand — comfortable and practical semi-sport shoes for every day. S-TEP shoes are usually produced using the injection moulding construction method. The S-TEP range is in full produced at the Obuv Rossii factory in the Novosibirsk region.

Snow Guard is a brand of outer garments for young active people who want to look stylish in any weather. The Snow Guard range includes winter down jackets, demi season jackets, raincoats and windbreakers, hats and accessories.

Related products

The Obuv Rossii chains offer a wide range of related products — more than 8 000 different items. In 2019, the share of related products (including apparel) in retail revenue reached 39.2%.

 A diversified inventory allows the company to offer a wide range of products to its customers, e.g., footwear, bags, and different accessories. The Group develops the «total look»  concept, which means that the assortment is produced in a single color palette, in a single design solution, and is made of similar materials. This approach allows stimulating complex purchases when a buyer purchases the whole set of goods for the season at a time, which contributes to average ticket size increase.

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