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OBUV ROSSII Manufacture started selling products on the wholesale marketplace EUROSHOES.MARKET

OBUV ROSSII Manufacture started selling products on the wholesale marketplace EUROSHOES.MARKET

OBUV ROSSII Manufacture, which is part of OR GROUP, and the EUROSHOES exhibition company signed a cooperation agreement. As part of the partnership, the company placed on the website of the EUROSHOES.MARKET the main assortment of footwear under its own brands: all.go summer footwear models, S-TEP demi-season footwear collection and demi-season and winter footwear of Pioneer of Arctic Travel. Cooperation with the online platform will allow the manufacture to attract new partners and to expand its sales geography.

OBUV ROSSII sells its products through OR GROUP retail chains and develops the wholesales: cooperates with large corporate clients in the production of special footwear, produces branded footwear for the Sibir and Baykal-Energiya hockey clubs. One of the priorites is to increase online sales volume both through its own marketplace, which is managed by OR GROUP, and through third-party online platforms. Cooperation with EUROSHOES.MARKET is a part of the strategy for the development of an online sales channel.

“We consider the EUROSHOES.MARKET to be a convenient channel for building relationships with suppliers and customers. The website operates throughout the year, which allows increasing the number of contacts and constantly communicating with buyers. Cooperation with the market will help to increase the recognition of our brands and to expand the sales geography", comments Sergey Yung, Executive Director of OBUV ROSSII manufacturing company. “The advantage of cooperating with the platform is that the manufacturer's managers communicate with buyers, advise them about the order, payment procedure and shipment of goods. Payment for the goods is made directly to the manufacturer. Also, direct contact with potential customers provides us with ample opportunities for interaction and the eleboration of flexible conditions for cooperation with partners".

“OR GROUP is our long-term partner, as the company has been a participant of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection for a number of years, and we are glad that the footwear of this Russian manufacturer will appear on the website of our wholesale marketplace EUROSHOES.MARKET, which was launched at the beginning of 2021. The launch of a wholesale footwear and accessories marketplace with simple navigation proved to be timely since both brands and buyers have been intereted in the project. We are pleased that the products of Russian manufacturers are also presented on our online platform. We hope that our partnership with the OBUV ROSSII Manufacture will be useful and bring success to both parties", says Ekaterina Sergeeva, Project Director of the EUROSHOES.MARKET.

Online sales are one of the priorites for OR GROUP. In the 1st quarter of 2021, the share of online sales in the revenue of the Westfalika selling platform (a network of retail and service outlets and the online platform) reached 25.8%. The company is developing new formats while dealing with other marketplaces: in May, OR GROUP started cooperating with Ozon using the system of FBS (fulfillment by seller). This scheme assumes that the goods are presented on the Ozon selling platform, while being stored in the supplier's warehouse. The new format of operation allows the company to increase the number of orders -- in the first two weeks the growth was 20%.

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