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Obuv Rossii Develops and Introduces Into Production a New Type of Shoes for Food Industry

Obuv Rossii Develops and Introduces Into Production a New Type of Shoes for Food Industry

Obuv Rossii Group has launched the production of a new type of shoes for the food industry, medical sector and cleaning companies. It is Group’s own development that fully complies with requirements to special purpose shoes. Some processes for the production of the new shoes are performed in Novosibirsk, in the workshop for the manufacture of shoes of EVA, a super light material; other processes are performed in the town of Berdsk of the Novosibirsk region where the main cutting and sewing and assembly workshops of the Group are located. The Company has already produced a pilot consignment of five thousand pairs of the shoes. Group’s production capabilities allow producing up to 50 thousand pairs of such shoes a year.

The Company developed the shoe together with one of the biggest food holdings in Russia. It enabled the Group to have field tests for the new type of shoe in real production conditions and to improve the model taking into account all recommendations.

The new shoe has an original design; several own developments of the Group were used in its production. The shoes have a comfortable last, a thicker toe part allowing the protection from mechanical damages, a shock-absorbing heel and a transpirable sole. These shoes are super light, resistant to deformation, chemical aggression; they are elastic, with an anti-slip and antibacterial properties. The top of the shoes is made of the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), the inserts in the sole are made of some special porous anti-slip rubber.

The new shoe model was successfully tested for sliding, for the compliance to sanitary and epidemiological, sanitary-chemical and toxicological-hygienic requirements. As a result, Obuv Rossii’s shoes get a declaration confirming the accordance of the shoes with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On Safety of Protection Means” and the company can supply the shoes to enterprises on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Production of corporate shoes is one of prospective lines in Obuv Rossii’s manufacture. Now Obuv Rossii produces a wide range of shoes for wearing in different production conditions that can stand extreme loads. In 2017, the Group signed a three-year contract with Sberbank for the manufacture of over 80 thousand pairs of shoes for the collection service and bank security. In the near future, the Group plans to expand its cooperation with big enterprises in the food industry and pharmaceutics.

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