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Obuv Rossii to Make S-TEP Shoe Collection Using a New Sole Technology

Obuv Rossii to Make S-TEP Shoe Collection Using a New Sole Technology

Obuv Rossii Group, the first public retailer on the Russian fashion market, has developed a new S-TEP shoe collection for the Winter 2020/21 season. It includes outdoor shoes that is made at the Obuv Rossii own factory in the Novosibirsk Region. The new expanded collection differs from the previous shoe lines in its appearance and a two-layer sole made using new technology.

The new collection will be produced based on state-of-the-art outdoor-technologies and materials that include Thinsulate, Softshell, CORDURA, membrane and special coatings. The shoe design will be characterized by a combination of a practical base with bright elements that make the models look original and sporty. Basic colours include black, grey, dark blue and khaki. They will be complemented with unique inserts and appliques, resulting in the creation of an individual style and emphasising the dynamic character of the models.

New outdoor models in the S-TEP Winter 2020/21 collection will have a two-layer sole made of two materials: polyurethane and rubber. The lower layer that contacts with the ground will be made of rubber, while the top one with the shoe upper – of polyurethane. It is a technological development in the shoe industry, allowing additional advantages as it combines the best properties of the two materials. Rubber has such qualities as durability and wear-resistance, ensuring excellent ground adherence (which is especially important for outdoor models.) Besides, it has excellent insulating properties and tolerance to low temperatures and multiple bends. Polyurethane is a porous material, which, due to its expanded structure and unique formula, has a lighter weight and better thermal insulation, softness and flexibility.

According to Executive Director of the Obuv Rossii manufacturing company Sergey Yung, S-TEP plans to raise its profile in the outdoor segment products thanks to new technologies, by offering the customers Russian products of estimable quality with an advantageous price range.

Technologically, the process of new sole manufacturing look as follows: a ready rubber element is placed in the mould and is then covered with a polyurethane layer. After that, the upper is attached to the double layer sole. Injection moulded shoe construction method of S-TEP offers maximum strength, durability and water proofness, while the use of the rubber layer provides additional freedom to designers allowing shoe modelling in the outdoor style with bright colour elements in the sole. Even though the sole will have two layers, it will not be too heavy and will not lose its good amortisation properties.

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