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OR GROUP launched sales on Wildberries using “marketplace” model: the brand range will grow 4-5 times

OR GROUP, a modern selling platform which develops a network of Westfalika selling and service points and an ecosystem of services, continues to implement new schemes for dealing with online retailers. In July, the company started cooperation with the largest Russian online retailer Wildberries using the scheme of shipping goods from the seller's warehouses. This format of cooperation implies the presentation of goods under the Westfalika brand on the Wildberries platform, while the goods are not shipped to it's warehouses. Upon receipt, the order is processed in the personal account of the company, packed and transferred for delivery to the distribution centers of the online-platform.

On Wildberries, the Group sells footwear, clothing, accessories under the Westfalika brand and other related products. In the first month of cooperation, the Company will place more than 1000 SKU on the platform and will increase the number of commodity items by 4-5 times in the nearest future. Wildberries represents photos of goods and a dimensional grid; the leftover stock of Westfalika outlets in Novosibirsk is updated online as well. Later on, the Company plans to connect retail outlets from other regions to the project.

“The development of cooperation with large marketplaces such as Wildberries allows the company to expand its sales geography, attract new customers and increase sales. In the first months of working with the platform, we expect an increase in the number of orders by 15%. At the same time, the introduction of new interaction schemes gives us the opportunity to reduce costs, since the commission for us as a supplier is lower due to the online storefront model”, — comments Alexey Chaplygin, head of OR GROUP online sales.

As noted in Wildberries, the “marketplace” sales model is becoming more popular on the online platform among domestic fashion retailers.

“By switching to a new supply model, fashion retailers can reduce their trade commissions by up to 3 times, as well as reduce operating costs associated with handling goods in warehouses. In addition, companies will be able to significantly expand their range of goods on the online platform due to the "endless aisle", therefore, their turnover will show further growth”, — says in the Wildberries press service.

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