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Obuv Rossii to Sell Children's Clothing and Footwear in Westfalika Stores

Obuv Rossii to Sell Children's Clothing and Footwear in Westfalika Stores

In March 2020, a new range of children's and teenagers' footwear will be introduced in the stores of Obuv Rossii Group, the first public retailer in Russian fashion market. Footwear is produced by Lel’, Russian footwear factory which is one of the leading domestic manufacturers. Today, children's range is sold only in Rossita and Peshekhod retail chains being the part of the Group, and its share in the assortment of these retail chains is no more than 7%. Taking into account high demand, Obuv Rossii is planning to introduce children's footwear range in the Westfalika stores, the main chain of the Group. The trial batch of demi-season, all-season and summer footwear from Lel’ factory will be first introduced in more than 100 Westfalika and Rossita stores, till the end of the year the scope of supply will be increased and the number of stores will grow up to 500.

"We have the limited range of children's footwear in Rossita and Peshekhod retail chains, so we have decided to add new modern and high-quality models of genuine leather and to introduce children's shoes in the outlets of our main brand Westfalika. Lel’ factory is the Russian manufacturer which has been producing genuine leather footwear for children and teenagers for more than 20 years. Therefore, we can trust its long-term experience, — says Elena Khvorova, Head of Purchase and Sale Department of Obuv Rossii Group. — We are planning to expand children's products range by introducing outdoor and mid-layer clothing."

The company started selling products for children in 2010 in the Peshekhod footwear outlets. In 2015, a new range of children's textile of Westfalika Kids brand was included into the children's products range. The collection includes bedding sets and towels made of natural materials.

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