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Bohemia Czech Glassware to Appear in Obuv Rossii Stores

Bohemia Czech Glassware to Appear in Obuv Rossii Stores

Grand-lux Company, the supplier of European home goods for the middle, middle+ and premium segments, and Obuv Rossii Group, the first public retailer of the Russian fashion market, started cooperation on the goods supply to the Group stores. Grand-lux delivered the first batch of goods to the central warehouse of Obuv Rossii in Novosibirsk and regional warehouse in Yekaterinburg. The goods have already arrived for sale in some retail stores of the Company in such cities as Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, etc. Obuv Rossii expands its cooperation with new suppliers within the development of the Prodayem trading platform, modernization of stores and launch of own online marketplace.

“The Grand-lux brand has long established itself on the market of high-quality tableware and accessories from Europe. Tableware from Czech, Italian, German and other producers is a sign of good taste and quality, so we are pleased to offer our customers a new line of goods,” comments Olga Danilova, Head of the Related Products’ Department, Obuv Rossii Group. “In our stores, as well as on the online platform, besides dishes, we will present luminaires and interior accessories, the product line will expand in the future. Moreover all the range offered will be available for instalment payment.”

The Grand-lux Company has been presented on the Russian market since 1999. Goods by Grand-lux are sold not only in specialized retail chains, but also on selling spaces of partners from other segments, like Х5 Retail Group, Magnit, Tatneft, Familia, and online retailers Ozon and Wildberries. Obuv Rossii stores will present such categories of products as tableware and coffee/tea sets porcelain, including heat-resistant porcelain (the Czech Republic); drinking glasses (the Czech Republic, Slovakia), crystal glass (Italy), interior design items, textile, cookware.

“We consider our cooperation with Obuv Rossii to be promising in the development of distribution channels in allied (non-specialized) federal chains. Since we already have experience of such work and can see the result, we are sure that the mid-price fashion segment, which Obuv Rossii is focused on, will also show excellent sales,” comments Kamal Dzhafarov, Director of Grand-lux Group. “In addition, the Home category products are already presented in the range of Company’s stores, which means that the customer is prepared for such products and should accept the line expansion.”

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