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In October, sales of OR GROUP's brands on the OZON marketplace increased 2 times

OR GROUP, which operates a modern selling platform, a network of Westfalika retail and service points and an ecosystem of services, recorded a twofold increase in sales of footwear, apparel and related products of its own brands on the OZON marketplace in October 2021 compared to September 2021. On this platform, the Group sells products under the own brands Westfalika, S-TEP and All.go. 80% of sales accounted for footwear.

The average ticket was RUB 4,100. In October, marketplace users most often bought autumn footwear (60% of sales). The most active customers purchasing footwear under the OR GROUP's brands on OZON were residents of the Central Federal District (40%), Siberia (15%) and Ural (15%).

«On the OZON marketplace, there is a rather high level of competition among sellers of apparel and footwear. We have managed to achieve good results on the platform due to a careful selection of the assortment and a reasoned price policy (in particular, the offer of discounts on certain products). We represent goods of excellent quality, including our own production, which has a positive effect on sales. Moreover, high sales on the marketplace depend on the high-quality content (photos, a detailed description of the product and its characteristics), which we pay special attention to», — comments Alexey Chaplygin, head of OR GROUP online sales.

In June 2021, OR GROUP started cooperation with OZON on the FBS (fulfillment by seller) system. This scheme assumes that the goods are presented on the online platform, but at the same time they are stored in the supplier's warehouse.

Currently, the OZON marketplace has more than 2.5 thousand goods of OR GROUP. The stores of the Group located in Omsk and Novosibirsk are connected to the platform as warehouses. Delivery from these cities is carried out to other regions of Russia.

OR GROUP's online sales are growing at higher rate due to the development of its own marketplace and a significant expansion of the range, as well as due to the introduction of new schemes for cooperating with leading players in the e-commerce market, which allows increasing sales of private label goods. For example, in the 1H of 2021, revenue from e-commerce increased by 34.5% year-on-year and amounted to 24.5% of the revenue of the Westfalika selling platform.

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