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Orders on Westfalika mobile app increased three times in the first 10 months of 2021

OR GROUP, which operates the marketplace, an ecosystem of services and a network of retail and service outlets under the Westfalika brand, has recorded a threefold increase in orders on a mobile app since the beginning of 2021, and their share reached 11% of the total number of orders on the marketplace. At the same time, there was also a twofold increase in app installs.

89.8% users of Westfalika app downloaded it on Android devices, 10.2% — on iOS. The most of orders were placed in April 2021 due to the revival of demand during the spring-summer season as well, and amounted to 25.7% of the total purchases made using mobile devices since December 2020.

«The coronavirus pandemic has boosted e-commerce, and sales using mobile devices are also becoming more popular. In addition, we are developing our marketplace, constantly attracting new suppliers and expanding our assortment, taking into account the preferences of our consumers. New high demand products have appeared. Footwear and apparel being typical for us as well as household goods, hosiery and sportswear, have become the best sellers for 10 months. With the general trend in the development of e-commerce, consumer confidence in online stores and marketplaces has grown. Customers appreciate not only the quality of sold goods, a wide range, but also promptness, speed of delivery and a high level of service», — comments Alexey Chaplygin, head of OR GROUP online sales.

The Westfalika marketplace demonstrates the upward trend: in the 1H of 2021, its revenue increased 2.6 times and amounted to RUB 738 mln, the share of online sales in the revenue of the Westfalika selling platform reached 24.5%. Since the marketplace launch, more than 4 mln products have been sold. Currently, the range of the platform has more than 100 thousand SKU.

In the Autumn of 2020, the Group released an updated version of the Westfalika mobile app, which takes into account current UX design trends and has modern functionality. The app includes the basic functionality of the online store — viewing the assortment of goods using filters, the possibility to place an order, place and track delivery, the InstaShop tool (the possibility to order goods presented in the Westfalika Instagram account through a mobile app).

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