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In the first half of August, OR GROUP's LFL sales of school supplies increased more than 1.5 times

OR GROUP, which develops the selling platform, an ecosystem of services and a network of sale and service outlets under the Westfalika brand, is observing an increased demand for school supplies in the first weeks of August. Compared to the last week of July, like-for-like sales of stationery and children's footwear rose by 62% and 54% correspondingly. Sales this year were triggered by the start of preparations for the school season as well as by the lump-sum payments of benefits to families with children, which were made on 2 August. The increase in like-for-like sales for children's footwear was 18% year-on-year, for the stationery which just appeared on the OR GROUP selling platform in the summer of 2020 — 300%.

“In 2020, we upgraded the format of our stores, significantly diversified the range of goods that are in demand by our main female audience, and started developing an online marketplace, expanding the number of suppliers. As a results, we increase the probability of our clients making a purchase while the purchasing activity remains not very high. Due to a wider assortment, we smooth out the seasonality, which is typical for the fashion segment, and we get additional sales before the holidays, when people buy gifts, and in the period of preparation for school”, comments Elena Khvorova, Head of Procurement, OR GROUP. “We started selling stationery in July 2020, currently we are working with 10 suppliers, including such well-known brands as ErichKrause, BRAUBERG, Phoenix +, etc. We are actively expanding the range of children's footwear as well, now we are cooperating with major Russian manufacturers such as Kotofey, KAKADU, Zebra”.

In 1H 2021, OR GROUP is restoring revenue, bolstered by the marketplace, the sales of which increased 2.6 times year-on-year. The total number of suppliers cooperating with the Group now exceeds 1000 companies. Other product categories that are in demand in stores and on the OR GROUP's online platform include household goods (textiles, cooking utensils, small household appliances), middle layer clothing (dresses, T-shirts, for which there is seasonal demand), sportswear, socks and other casual style goods.

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