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In 2020, the range of outwear in OR Groups’s stores increased by 40%

In 2020, the range of outwear in OR Groups’s stores increased by 40%

3 December 2020, Novosibirsk: OR Group (Obuv Rossii Group) is summing up the results of outwear sales. For 10 months of 2020, more than 90 thousand items were sold for more than 600 million rubles. The range of outwear, which includes windbreakers, raincoats, coats, winter jackets and down jackets, has expanded by 40% and currently amounts to 770 SKU.

The switch to a marketplace model when cooperating with suppliers accounts for a significant increase in the assortment. Due to the new business model, the company raised the share of outdoor clothing in retail revenue — in October, it amounted to 20%. To date, 35 companies selling outdoor clothing under the well-known brands Winterra, GRIZMAN, BRITT, MADZERINI, ElectraStyle, Dixi Coat, MFin, etc. are involved in the project.

In October, Lawinter, a large wholesale of outdoor clothing and accessories, joined the pool of suppliers. A wide range of down jackets, jackets, windbreakers, raincoats is introduced in more than 400 stores of the Group. Lawinter develops three main brands of outwear: BRITT — youth jackets that combine fashion trends and the latest technologies, NAPOLI — outdoor clothing for girls and women who prefer a combination of style and comfort, GRIZMAN — stylish jackets for men.

«We consider cooperation with Obuv Rossii to be promising», comments Sergey Garanin, Sales Director of Lawinter. «We know how to dress Russian women and men beautifully, providing high quality and warmth. Moreover, Obuv Rossii has offered us a new business technology, a developed retail chain with a wide footprint. Due to these factors, we are able to offer our product to a vast audience at once».

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