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For 8 months, sales of small household appliances in Obuv Rossii stores exceeded 80 million rubles

For 8 months, sales of small household appliances in Obuv Rossii stores exceeded 80 million rubles

19 November 2020, Novosibirsk: Obuv Rossii Group, the first public Russian fashion retailer, sums up the first results on sales of small household appliances in his own retail network and on the marketplace. For 8 months — from the start of sales in March to October 2020 — more than 55,000 products were sold for more than 80 million rubles. Small household appliances are included in the group of household goods — one of the fastest growing in the range of the retailer.

Today, the pool of suppliers includes 12 companies that sell small household appliances under well-known brands BRAYER, VITEK, FIRST, Galaxy, CENTEK, «Dobrynya», Maxwell, Polaris, Scarlett. The assortment includes blenders, irons, hair styling tools, razors, electric kettles, etc. — 660 SCU in total.

“The introduction of new items allows us to attract a new audience to our stores, as well as to interest our regular customers who are comfortable making all purchases in one place,” comments Olga Danilova, Head of the Related Products’ Department, Obuv Rossii Group. “Small household appliances for the kitchen — electric kettles, blenders, mixers — are in high demand. Currently, we are actively looking for new suppliers and in the future we plan to expand the assortment matrix in this area.”

Obuv Rossii started to expand its assortment at the end of 2019, when it switched to a marketplace model when working with suppliers. The Group's marketplace operates both online ( platform) and offline — the company provides retail space in stores for goods from third-party suppliers, which differs from other players at the market. For 9 months of 2020, the turnover of the Group's marketplace exceeded 3 billion rubles, the company sold more than 1.3 million partner products. Now Obuv Rossii cooperates with more than 680 suppliers from such segments as household goods, children's products, stationery, cosmetics, etc.

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