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By the end of the year, Obuv Rossii will double the number of delivered partner online orders

By the end of the year, Obuv Rossii will double the number of delivered partner online orders

Obuv Rossii Group continues to develop the project of partner pick-up points and expand the pool of suppliers. At the end of September, the retailer started to cooperate with the IML Company. At first, 170 pick-up points of the logistics operator will start operating in Obuv Rossii stores in Siberia and the Far East; then, the project will be scaled up to other regions — the Urals and the European part of Russia. IML Company became the tenth partner of Obuv Rossii to open pick-up points. The retailer intends to further actively develop the pick-up points project and by the end of 2020 to double the monthly volume of delivered parcels, increasing it to 200 thousand.

“We are glad that the list of our logistics partners is growing with such large and developing companies as IML. This operator has been in business for a long time and has established itself as a reliable partner providing fast and high-quality service,” comments Natalia Kulikova, Head of Obuv Rossii Group’s Financial Service Department. “At the moment, we deliver on average about 90-100 thousand parcels per month. Our aim for the near future is to increase these volumes by developing cooperation with existing partners and attracting new ones. By offering modern services, we meet the needs of our clients. It also allows us to attract additional traffic to our stores and expand our loyal customer base”.

Tatiana Dobrotvorskaya, IML Regional Development Director, expects active development of the project: “The idea of ​​Obuv Rossii is relevant for the logistics services market. We see the experience of European and Asian colleagues who are modernizing their business and organizing multifunctional centers on the basis of their own retail area. This correlates well with industry trends: regional delivery is actively developing, coverage of particular areas is growing, and delivery from online stores is becoming closer and more convenient for the recipient. The players of the e-commerce market are interested in the model and we understand the importance of the project and are happy to participate in it”.

In November 2018, Obuv Rossii Group, together with PickPoint, launched pick-up point project and began to create a network of pick-up points at the nationwide base of Obuv Rossii stores. To date, the company cooperates with 8 leading operators of the logistics market, including Pochta Rossii and Sberlogistica, as well as with two online marketplaces — OZON and Wildberries.

Photo was provided by IML Marketing Department.

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