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 Obuv Rossii Got to Its Pre-crisis Sales in June

Obuv Rossii Got to Its Pre-crisis Sales in June

Like-for-like sales of Obuv Rossii Group significantly grew in June 2020 and reached the level of the same period of 2019. The Company achieved its pre-crisis sales after the restrictions were lifted in most regions, due to reformatting its stores, marketplace development and stock diversification.

By the end of June, most of the Company’s stores that mainly develop in the street format were already functioning in the regular mode, which is 800 sales outlets in over 300 towns. Only 20 stores located in shopping malls did not work, as the malls were still closed in some regions.

“We see an increase in buying activity in June-July: the traffic in stores has 80% recovered to the pre-Covid period. However, as for the like-for-like sale, we have already achieved the 2019 performance. We are developing the mini general store format and use the marketplace model for the suppliers. We have considerably expanded our stock – already 50% of retail proceeds accounts for non-footwear products. During the first six months of the year, we have attracted more than 500 new suppliers and included such products as houseware, children’s goods, cosmetics, small household appliances, etc. in our stock. Due to diversified product offering, the conversion has grown resulting in higher goods turnover. The service of payments on installments helps us maintain sales too,” says Svetlana Zemlyakova, head of the Retail Department at Obuv Rossii Group.

The Company is restoring its sales quicker that it initially planned. Obuv Rossii is gradually transforming the classical fashion retail concept. As a result, it gets an advantage regarding further development.

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