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Obuv Rossii introduced a unified mobile device management system

Obuv Rossii introduced a unified mobile device management system

07 February 2020, Novosibirsk, Russia: Obuv Rossii, the first public retailer of Russian fashion market, introduced the Company's unified mobile device management system. At the present time, more than 1000 smartphones, tablets and data collection terminals used by employees in the stores of Obuv Rossii in more than 350 cities and towns across the country, in warehouses and the Company's central office are connected to the system. The system was designed and put into operation as part of preparation for footwear mandatory marking, which starts on 01 March 2020.

Due to the introduction of labeling, the retailer has to track the goods flow at each stage, including goods flow in stores. To optimize the costs of purchasing data collection terminals for all own retail outlets (more than 700), Obuv Rossii replaced these devices with smartphones that are several times cheaper, and also developed a mobile app that allows to read codes used for marking.

Implementation of the Unified Mobile Device Management System allows providing full-centralized control over smartphones, tablets, and data collection terminals that employees use in the Company's stores and warehouses. Within this system, it is possible to read codes on products through the special app, configure security policies, provide data encryption, remotely connect and manage the device for technical support, and control apps.

"In the last two years, we have significantly increased our business volumes and have launched new stores in more than 220 new cities and towns. Therefore, when implementing any IT project, the main task is to ensure reliability, smooth operation and easy scaling in all regions of the Company's presence. The IT System operates smoothly in 24/7/365 mode without reference to time zones due to the fact that Obuv Rossii has three own data centers in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk, — Dmitry Karpenko, IT Director of Obuv Rossii Group, comments, — The new Unified Mobile Device Management System will help us to eliminate technical problems more quickly, speed up work processes and improve security when using mobile devices."

To perform their functions, mobile devices are connected to the company's unified IT system. For example, employees cannot only record the goods flow and read labeling codes, but also have remote access to the "corporate cloud" (through which they share photo reports from stores) and the corporate chat, so they can exchange information. Moreover, mobile devices are oriented for social networks. In the future, the number of mobile devices connected to the Unified Management System will increase, and their scope will expand.

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