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Obuv Rossii Will Finish Marking the Leftover Stock by the End of January

Obuv Rossii Will Finish Marking the Leftover Stock by the End of January

Obuv Rossii Group, the first public Russian fashion retailer, started to mark the leftover stock in warehouses and Company’s stores from December last year. The marking process covers all network stores, which is over 900 sales outlets in more than 360 towns. The Company plans to finish the carryovers marking by 1 February 2020.

“We are fully ready for mandatory shoe marking that starts on 1 March 2020. We have adjusted all technological processes, obtained the equipment and evolved our software. We consider the introduction of marking to drive the market as it will make it more civilized and competition — fairer. Besides, the marking will lend customer’s credibility to producers and retailers, as any consumer will be able to get information about product’s history, its origin and characteristics at any moment,” says Dmitry Karpenko, IT Director of Obuv Rossii Group.

“The process of marking the leftover stock consisted of several stages. First, we ordered the marking codes in the Chestny Znak State Information System for product turnover monitoring (National Track and Trace System); they were automatically downloaded into our accounting system based on 1C. After that, each store got a set of codes for marking via a specially designed interface. Then, the sales outlets staff printed labels with Data Matrix codes and started marking the remaining stock,” says Veronika Belyaeva, stock manager of the Procurement Department of Obuv Rossii Group.

It is worth reminding that Obuv Rossii joined the experiment of marking shoes in September of 2018. Introduction of the marking entailed changing some business-processes in the Company, for example, logistics and goods flow. Therefore, the participation in the pilot marking project allowed Obuv Rossii to detect and eliminate possible technical problems at early stages, and also to thoroughly study and adjust all processes and develop procedures. As a result, the Company has in full prepared for the launch of mandatory marking from March 2020.

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