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Obuv Rossii Starts Cooperation with Sberlogistika

Obuv Rossii Starts Cooperation with Sberlogistika

Obuv Rossii Group, the first public Russian fashion-retailer, is developing the Pick-up Points project in its own stores and is expanding its cooperation with logistic operators. At the end of 2019, Obuv Rossii signed a partnership agreement with Sberlogistika logistic platform, Sberbank’s subsidiary. Obuv Rossii plans not only to deliver online orders within this cooperation but also to accept parcels from individuals.

The pilot project was launched at the end of December with 213 test sales outlets in such cities as Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Ufa, etc. Further, over 600 Obuv Rossii stores will be included in the project.

“Cooperation with Sberlogistika is the next stage while implementing the Pick-up Points project in our stores and integrating in the logistic infrastructure of the Russian e-commerce market. Sberlogistika is a promising and rapidly developing company, partnership with which will help attract new customers and increase foot traffic in our network,” Natalya Kulikova, Head of the Financial Services Department within Obuv Rossii Group, comments. “One of the main Company’s aims for the near future is to enhance the service component of the business. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers’ demand to the maximum and to offer them convenient, state-of-the-art services.”

“We pursue the goal of creating the biggest pick-up point network in Russia,” Sergey Malyshev, Director General of Sberlogistika, comments. “It is important for us to be closer to our clients, to be in convenient places with traffic. On one side, it is a part of servicing while dealing with the recipients, on the other, it is a competitive advantage while working with the senders. That is why we actively develop a partnership with retailers all over the country offering them mutually beneficial cooperation terms.”

Obuv Rossii Group started implementing the Pick-up Points project in November 2018, when, jointly with PickPoint, it announced the development of a pick-up point network using the federal base of its stores. Since then, Obuv Rossii has launched more than 1,700 pick-up points; it cooperates with eight partners including DPD, Post of Russia and the OZON online retailer.


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