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Moulin Villa Cookware Producer Will Strengthen its Positions on Territory to East of Urals Due to Cooperation with Obuv Rossii

Moulin Villa, one of the leading producers of kitchen accessories and cooking utensils in Russia, and Obuv Rossii Group, the first public retailer on the Russian fashion market, have signed a cooperation agreement. Under the deal, Moulin Villa will supply to Obuv Rossii their products to be sold in Group’s retail chains. Moulin Villa’s wares will be presented in more than 720 retail outlets in 320 towns. Obuv Rossii has become the first partner from the fashion segment for Moulin Villa. Due to the cooperation, the producer will increase their sales by 5%, raise their profile in Siberia and the Far East and enter more than 250 new towns with their products; and Obuv Rossii will offer their customers some new attractive stock and increase store conversion. The cookware producer has already delivered over 35,000 products to the central warehouse of Obuv Rossii in Novosibirsk.

Moulin Villa produces and sells kitchen accessories and cooking utensils, taking the leading positions on this market. Cooperating with Obuv Rossii, the company plans to supply to the retailer’s stores some thermos bottles, frying pans, dishes for baking, baking trays, crepe pans, saucepans, etc. Mouling Villa uses only safe materials when producing cookware and carries out stage-by-stage quality control. Moulin Villa is represented in such retail chains as Perekrestok, O’Key, HOFF, Dixy, MAGNIT, Posuda Center, Gazpromneft, etc. 

“We consider it to be essential to expand cooperation with other retail chains being one of the main large sales channels. One can get a maximum footprint through this channel. Kitchen accessories and cooking utensils are a universal stock that is well sold both in a specialized chain store and in food retail. This is because the target customer group is the same, and the stock is regularly renewed,” says Chief Commercial Officer of Moulin Villa, Sergey Ovseychuk. “Cooperation with the Obuv Rossii Group is a new sales channel using which we plan to increase Moulin Villa’s brand awareness. We have the same target group as the Group’s stores which will make it possible for us to get closer to our customers.” 

Cooperation with Moulin Villa is a part of the implementation of the Obuv Rossii Group new project aimed at the development of an online procurement platform and at redesigning the stores into omnichannel marketplaces. The Group will increase their product range due to new categories such as household goods, kitchenware, toys and cosmetics. This project will allow the company to increase the proceeds in the operating stores, to improve the conversion, to smooth seasonality and to offer the customers some interesting products. At the same time, Moulin Villa will be able to expand the sales territory, to attract new customers and to increase sales. 

“We are glad to cooperate with Moulin Villa as it will allow our chain to increase its group of customers and to get them interested in the new products,” comments Olga Danilova, Head of Related Products Department of Obuv Rossii Group. “Besides, we will increase our regular customers’ loyalty. They can now not only buy footwear, bags, and clothes, pick up a parcel and get instalment payments, but also choose household goods they need.”

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About Moulin Villa: Moulin Villa has been producing and selling kitchen accessories and cooking utensils since 2009. The company has asserted itself on the Russian kitchenware market and became one of the top four biggest frying pan importers in Russia. Company’s products are sold in more than 50 towns in Russia, in biggest chain stores including Perekrestok, Karusel, Giperglobus, O’Key, HOFF, Dixy, MAGNIT, Selgros, Posuda Center, etc. In 2019, Moulin villa started to supply their products to Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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