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OR GROUP (Obuv Rossii Group) paid the 22nd coupon on exchange-traded bonds, 001R-02 series, of RUB 9.7 mln

OR LLC (previously Obuv Rossii LLC, a part of OR GROUP) has paid the profit on the 22nd coupon on exchange-traded bonds, 001R-02 series (identification No. 4V02-02-00412-R-001R dated 09 December 2019) today, on 1 October 2021.

The total amount is 9,717,177.90 rubles (9.86 rubles per bond), the coupon rate is 12% per annum. The Company has fulfilled its obligations on payment of the coupon profit.

OR GROUP placed bonds of 001R-02 series (as part of a program of exchange-traded bonds, 001R series) in the amount of 1 billion rubles on 06 January 2020 on MOEX by public subscription.

The number of issued securities is 1,000,000 and the nominal value is 1,000.00 rubles. The coupon is paid out monthly.

The total number of the issuer's securities on which income and (or) other payments were paid: 985,515 bonds. (The number of early redeemed bonds at the request of bondholders is 14,485).

Ivolga Kapital LLC and Aton LLC are the organizers of this placement.

OR GROUP has been implementing the bond program since the summer of 2011. The Group has placed bonds totaling 10.7 billion rubles over the past ten years. Five issues of company’s bonds at the amount of 5.5 billion rubles are being traded on MOEX.

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