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OR GROUP started to issue Yandex.Market parcels

OR GROUP (Obuv Rossii Group) and the e-commerce company Yandex.Market concluded a partnership agreement. After the integration of accounting systems which was accomplished in January pilot pick-up points were launched in seven OR GROUP stores in Nizhny Novgorod.

«We are actively developing the project of partner pick-up points which is the part of company’s strategy of integration into the logistic infrastructure of the Russian e-ecommerce market. During the last two months, the pool of our suppliers was enriched by the leading players of the Russian online trading market, including Yandex.Market,» comments Natalya Kulikova, Head of the Financial Services Group in OR GROUP. «We increase the volume of issued parcels every month. If in December 2020 we delivered more than 300 thousand parcels through our sales outlets, then in 2021 we plan to significantly increase the number of issued orders — up to 500 thousand parcels per month. We will achieve this goal due to the partnerships with large logistics and e-commerce companies, an increase in the number of sales outlets connected to the project and the number of pick-up points».

The project of partner pick-up points provides a significant growth in foot traffic: in 2020, OR GROUP attracted an additional 1.5 million customers; in 2021, the company intends to raise traffic to its stores by 6 million clients. The Group also receive additional income in the form of a commission which OR GROUP plans to triple in the coming year.

«Yandex.Market is actively expanding into the regions to be closer to its customers. One of the focuses is the development of "the last mile" delivery. Our partnership with Obuv Rossii Group in Nizhny Novgorod will allow us to expand our order distribution network, which already consists of 700 pick-up points. According to our research, almost half of online shoppers from Nizhny Novgorod (46%) prefer to pick up their delivery. Now it will be easier for city residents to receive their parcels from the Yandex.Market, and the convenience of customers is our priority», noted Olga Stolyarova, Head of the Yandex.Market pick-up point Development and Control Group.

OR GROUP has been developing a project of partner pick-up points since autumn 2018. To date, 12 partners are connected to the project; more than 2,300 pick-up points are operating in Group's stores. This enables the Company to attract additional foot traffic as well as to enhance customer loyalty and to increase awareness of the Group's brand.

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