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Production of footwear

The Group operates two modern factories located in Novosibirsk region.

Obuv Rossii produces shoes using all major shoe construction types: cement, injection molding and their combinations; therefore, there are significant opportunities for the production of Obuv Rossii's product range. The company manufactures footwear from natural and synthetic, polymer materials, mostly these are shoes of casual and semi-sport style under company’s own brands S-TEP and Pioneer of Arctic Travel.

*As of 31.12.2018

9 100 m2
total area

5 400 m2
production area

500 ths.
pairs of shoes p.a.

In 2016, Obuv Rossii entered the market of special purpose shoes and launched a specialized production line. In 2017, Obuv Rossii concluded a three-year contract with Sberbank (the largest Russian bank) for manufacturing footwear for collection and security service of the Bank. The company intends to further develop this direction, cooperate with the enterprises from different industries including finance sector and food production.

The Group's production facilities are among the most advanced in the country in terms of technology and equipment. The shoe factories of Obuv Rossii are characterized by a high degree of automatization and the use of modern high-tech equipment: computerised shoe design, NewLast and Orisol automated shoe cutting and tailoring, and high performance DESMA  injection molding machines.

Obuv Rossii cooperates with industry research institutes in testing and developing new materials and patenting inventions. The company’s key partner is Novosibirsk Technical University which is one of the major industry research institutes in the eastern part of Russia. Among the recent projects are the development of an outsole and heel with high slip-resistance, testing of outsole materials’ wear resistance.

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