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Production of footwear

The holding group managed by the parent company OR PJSC includes the subsidiary OBUV ROSSII LLC, which controls two production sites in the Novosibirsk region.

Currently, the Company produces shoes using all main methods of attaching soles: cementing, injection-moulded shoe construction method, side stitching, high-temperature vulcanization method. OBUV ROSSII produces shoes made of natural leather and artificial, polymeric materials. The main areas of operation are the production of casual outdoor shoes under the S-TEP brand, EVA shoes under the all.go brand, Pioneer of Arctic Travel footwear for hunters and fishers, occupational and special-purpose footwear for the corporate sector (primarily for financial institutions and food industry).

*As of 31.12.2018

9 100 m2
total area

5 400 m2
production area

500 ths.
pairs of shoes p.a.

The production of OR GROUP is one of the most advanced in terms of technology and equipment used in our country. The Group's enterprises are characterized by a high degree of production automation and the use of modern high-tech equipment: footwear computer modelling systems, NewLast and Orisol automated systems for footwear cutting and sewing and high-performance Desma injection moulding machines.

OBUV ROSSII develops and implements its own production technologies to produce shoes adapted to the climate of Russia. The Company employs a team of professional product engineers who organize stage-by-stage and final quality control during production. This ensures a high quality of the final product — the rate of returns for the reason of shoe defects in OR GROUP’s retail chains for the last 10 years has not exceeded 1%.

The Group collaborates with research institutes and universities in testing and developing new materials and patenting inventions. Novosibirsk Institute of Technology (branch) at Kosygin Russian State University, is a key partner in this line. Recent projects include the development of anti-slipping sole and heel, sole materials durability test.

In 2016-2018, the Company expanded its cutting and sewing shop, introduced new production lines, and created a joint assembly shop at the factory in Berdsk. In 2019-2020, the Group focused on maintaining output at full capacity, increasing labour productivity, developing and launching a new range of products into production.

OBUV ROSSII develops the line of special-purpose footwear: shoes for the food industry, medical industry and cleaning companies. The Company constantly expands the EVA footwear range: summer shoes, winter and between-seasons snow joggers, as well as shoes for hunters and fishers.

In 2020, OBUV ROSSII and the SIBIR ice hockey club began cooperating to produce shoes with the brand image of the club. In summer 2020, the Company launched a new production line, which specializes in applying decorative patterns to EVA and PVC footwear.

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