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Services ecosystem

Since 2007, OR GROUP has been developing a line of financial services for customers. Financial services are an extension of the Company's retail strategy and allow the Company to build long-term relationships with customers, form a wide audience of loyal customers, and, as a result, increase the Group's revenues and profitability.

*As of 31.12.2021

2.977 mln
loyalty cardholders*

1.535 mln
customers used financial services of the Group

of purchases are made using loyalty cards

The development of financial services is connected with the changes that are taking place in the modern retail industry — stores no longer merely sell goods, but act as multi-functional service centres; the boundaries between formats are erased: shops are both pickup points and points for payments, getting insurance, etc.

OR GROUP creates an ecosystem of services, constantly complementing it with new services to cover the everyday needs of the audience in quality services as much as possible.


The structure of OR GROUP includes Arifmetika MCC LLC, which specializes in providing financial services to the Group's clients. This direction is showing steady growth; demand for financial products is increasing, new tools and technologies are emerging.

In 2021, OR GROUP pushed the microfinance direction to a new stage of development. In order to accelerate the company's growth in the promising financial services market, the Group is considering both variants for Arifmetika: to go public through a SPAC IPO deal, and to use other mechanisms to attract investors to the microfinance business.

In 2021, the company launched DaemDengi (Eng. GiveMoney) platform for issuing online loans, which includes a website and a mobile application. The share of remote issuance is growing, in December 2021 it reached 14%. In January 2022, Arifmetika began to develop its own BNPL service (Buy Now Pay Later) under separate brand «Deli na chasti». Arifmetika MCC will connect partners from retail chains and online stores to the service. The company plans that in the medium term targeted loans will take about 35-40% of the portfolio.


Arifmetika uses state-of-the-art risk management algorithms and provides clients with tailored solutions that meet their needs. A team of professionals of 300 people manages business processes, key specialists have many years of experience in the microfinance sector.

The company has developed its own IT system which enables to execute and maintain cash loan and BNPL agreements in online mode. The IT platform allows to flexibly adjust the parameters of promotions and customize offers for the company's clients. Arifmetika was also one of the first in the Russian market to introduce blockchain for financial services management to protect the personal data of customers who use financial services. In addition, the company uses artificial intelligence technologies to interact with customers (Robot Maxim).

Corporate website of Arifmetika MCC LLC:

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